Replacing a car battery is often an unexpected but essential expense and most people replace their battery only if they absolutely have to, usually when they’re stranded on the side of the road. What should you do to avoid this common scenario?

How long do car batteries last?

The lifetime of a car battery is influenced by how often you drive your vehicle, how it was installed and the climate you live in. There are a few ways you can check if you car needs a new battery:

  • Sluggish Engine – Is your car engine taking longer to get going? What does it sound like? Are there any changes?
  • Dash Engine Light – Sometimes your car will communicate an issue in the form of a glowing engine light. It can appear when your battery is struggling.
  • Under the Hood – Check your battery. Is the fluid below the energy conducting lead plates? Does the casing look bloated? Has it swollen? Can you see any corrosion or leaking around the cables and connections? Every minor issue can have serious consequences.
  • Old Age – The expected lifetime of an average car battery is three to five years., but as we’ve already explained, it can vary greatly.

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