The Best AC Gas Refilling Service in Hoppers Crossing

As a veteran Australian business into the auto business for over years, we at 361 Wheels and Tyres, have our correct conviction on how to keep you safe on the roads by providing extreme care to your vehicle by our multitude of services in the automotive industry.

In Hoppers Crossing, having a working air conditioning unit in your car is one of the most primary essentials especially on a hot summer day.

When Do You Need a Gas Refill: Car AC Gas Refill Services in Hoppers Crossing?

When your car’s air conditioning system is not cooling enough, this indicates that it is time for a re-gas. The various weather patterns in Australia can take a heavy toll on your vehicle in providing a cozy environment inside your vehicle. This is because of increased heating and this is when your ac gas needs to be refilled.

One of the most crucial parts of your vehicle’s air conditioning system is the evaporator. Since it is designed to remove the heat from the inside your vehicle, it is critical to your cooling unit’s proper working and functionality. This works by absorbing the heat, then changing it into vapor, followed by compressing it into cool air through the refrigerant. This is why it is most susceptible to corrosion by certain harmful acids. Regular ac servicing is thus important.

What Do We Do At 361 For A Car Gas AC Re-Fill At Hoppers Crossing?

During an air conditioning service for your vehicle, we inspect the drive belts, pulleys, the operation of valves and thermostats, the hoses and components, the leak test system lines and components with an electric leak detector, the system evacuated and refrigerant recovered, new refrigerant oil added, condenser temperature checked, suction line temperature reading, etc.

At 361 Auto services, we ensure a cost-effective diagnosis and solution for your car ac gas filling requirements. Besides Hoppers Crossing, We also extend our reliable services to various suburbs such as Werribee, Tarneit, Truganina, Point Cook, Williams landing, and Wyndham Vale.

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